More to come 

Looking for time to completely rearrange this site so bear with me and then more news about my stuff, The Girls Say Hi and LexJam too. Stay tuned Y'all.

See... I told ya so.... :) 

See. I told ya on the last news post that LexJam would continue to thrive in spite of the closing of Natashas. We had a good long run there but when things ended abruptly we were left wondering where we would go. It has been an amazing ride as we did our "LexJam on Tour" thing for 8 months. The crowds kept getting bigger and LexJam continued to grow. I believe the moving around was the best thing that ever happened. Now we find our home base at the newly relocated,remodeled and reopened "Willies Locally…

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From the Host 11/02/2015

As most of you are aware by now, Lexingtons preimere listening room and sound stage

Natashas have closed their doors. This news hits the City of Lexington hard and particularly the music community our town so proudly supports. As you can imagine, I have been bombarded with questions about the closing and how this will affect LexJam. Will LexJam fold? Will Lexjam continue? There need not be any worries. LexJam shall continue. LexJam was regularly held at various locations around…

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As always stay tuned... 

Hello Everyone, very long time since I have done anything here at the ol website. Thats all about to change.

 Working on getting our home office together and a system in place that allows for better flow and more timley updates here at my website. Heck, I'm paying for it so I should be making better use of it. At first it was fun then the novelity wore off. It became a major chore with HTML and such, long lenghty passwords etc. That made it a PIA and therefore is the reason why its not been updated in so…

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LexJam and Hospice 

Hey everybody. It's coming up this Saturday. The Benifit for Hospice via the LexJam universe. Please make plans to attend. Hospice is in need and we CAN help.



Stay tuned new coming very soon about the May LexJam and the fact that all proceeds for May will go to benefit 'Hospice of the Bluegrass'. Please make every effort possible to attend LexJam in May. I really want to help out this organization as much as possible! Stay tuned.


The Best Laid Plans.... 

So once again its been a year since my last update. The sting of death last's long than one might anticipate. Having said that, I keep remembering one of the topics we touched upon at one of our LAMA (Lexington Area Music Alliance) ( meetings. One of the most annoying things musicians do is create a website...get ready for it... And then don't update it in a timely manner. GUILTY! This is an annoying problem and now I understand why. In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, most…

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The Latest 

Wow. Alot going on right now. We had a huge Music,Mutts & Meows LexJam in November & netted about 250 pounds of canned food & treats for dogs & cats. The Lexington Humane Society was very gracious for our efforts & I'm sure our furry friends at LHS were even happier. December LexJam also proved to be a huge draw and was made even sweeter by the debut of Fred Keam and his hand made native American flute music, it was a treat for all who were blessed enough to be there and Fred promises to be a regular part…

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I think were headed for a big LexJam coming up. Stay tuned... And bring your "Canned", dog or cat food. If you bring something for the Lexington Humane Society, you will be entered into the drawing for a 10 watt Esteban "G-10" practice amp. Hey these lil babies are pretty cool.