Ivy Covered Dreams

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Music Downloads

lets talk about “Digital Downloads”. All my songs are available to download at the following websites; www.itunes.com www.rhapsody.com http://musicstore.connect.com www.mp3-extension.com http://payplay.fm http://musicishere.com www.greatindie.com www.multi-discount.com if your in Europe www.cdquest.com Now…these are the ones I have immediate websites for. I don't have websites for the following yet, but hope to have in the near future. If you buy your music here than you already know the site. Ok…so… here are even MORE places to buy my music. MusicNet BuyMusic Puretracks Verizon Sony Connect PassAlong Sonific Interia Groupie Tunes Daiki RuleRadio MP3tunes USEN Ruckus Bitmunk SNOCAP Destra Inprodicon Tradebit PlayIndies MusicNow Intent Media Works Zune Nareos WrapFactory Liquid Digital Media Goodstorm Muze & finally last,& maybe least who knows…. Starzik OK so there you have it 39 YES that’s right, I said, 39 places on the internet to buy my music.

Smiley the Cigar Box Guitar


Master luthier & builder Eric Hutchens' latest creation is smiley the Cigar Box Guitar. With pickup & volume control. Standard 1/4" jack. Hand carved "Smiley" headstock. Sounds as good as it looks.
 Going for $450.00
Special pricing (= nice discount) to any performing musicians that uses this guitar on stage & plug's Eric's business. SOLD...SOLD...SOLD...SOLD...

There will be more CBG's coming in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!!!