A FEW WORDS ABOUT MYSELF... First and foremost, I want to thank my family for their inspiration on this endeavor. It really had it's meager beginnings 38 or so years ago, when at the ripe old age of 6, I performed the song "Hansel & Gretel" by the "Flintstones" (for a family Christmas party) while walking circles around the coffeetable in my parents livingroom. From there singing, working with various bands in the Youngstown Oh.& New Castle Pa. area, and learning as much as I could about the music industry took as much precedence as, camping and hanging with friends(because of course,camping & hanging with friends, was what I did with all my spare time...Dont You???). 1985 brought a move to Florida and life intervened, children to raise and several years of struggle, pushed music to the back burner. During these years a vow was made that one day, I would return to music and never look back. That return became reality in 1999, with a new Washburn guitar under the Christmas tree. In the time since, I feel as though I have been making up 18 lost years, but now I can finally start to share the fruits of my labor. Now with a Martin & my trusty ol Washburn, I am once again realizing my music as more than a hobby. So I thank my wife Marsha for that guitar on Christmas morning and the encouragement of friends and some great musicians. I would like to add a few kudos here to some of my mentors along the way. we'll start with my brother Ed. Out side of hearing my dad & mom singing along with the radio as an infant, Ed was probably the biggest influence for me musically. He was into music deeply & sang along with all the top Rock & Roll hits of the 60's, buying the latest 45's & spinning them 'till he almost wore the grooves to the other side. He had a beautiful voice, & could mimic just about anyone perfectly. So in turn I was caught up in the magic & tried to follow in his footsteps. We used to pretend we were a band & I with my "Trap Drum" set & Ed with any instrument he had at the time, would play along with everything from Bob Dylan to Harry Chapin To Led Zepplin To Traffic to Jethro Tull to...Well, you get the picture. We both felt this deep sense of purpose, even though most people never heard us out side of family & neighbors. Oh & of course mom & dad sayin "turn that stuff down!!!". At any rate that was the start of a life long love of music, and as I mentioned, there were other people, who helped along the way. I will tell the stories of these people over time, but I will do it on my News & Journal page. You will hear stories about my good musician friends such as Al Tkach, Phranc Ragozzine, Kent Gardener, Ken Holbrook & others. So now you have a basic idea & will learn more as time goes by. At this point I'll just say, I hope you enjoy, and that this finds you well... P.S. You will notice a few different folk styles as well as a touch or two, of bluegrass on this CD. This was done partly to show my different writing styles & to give YOU the listener a varietal listening experience.