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Rennie Neubecker: Photos

LexJam II Unplugged Vol. 1 04/12/08

Lets get this thing started
Gettin' Into It
LexJAm II Guest Host Band
Keith Elkins, Carol Smith, Dick & Shirley Hudson
Dick & Keith Layin It down
Sawin On a Fiddle
Donovan H.
Pick It
Got Table?
These Things Seem To Show Up Everywhere
Another View
Yet Another View
I Got Yer Back
LexJam II Backdrop
Keith & Carol Duet
Ladies & Gentlemen...The LexJam II Unplugged Core Band
Me & My Manager
Tony Jasper One Of our Sign ins, Talks to Rennie
Donovan Howard Warms Up
D. & D. Teaming Up
Carl Piwinski
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