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Rennie Neubecker: Photos

LexJam II Unplugged February 2010

Fuzzy Knopka
Grover Mollineaux
More Grover & Fuzzy
Donovan "BIG D" Howard
Donovan "BIG D" Howard  from this angle
Mr. Slade Warnken
Slade doin an original
One more of Slade Warnken. Awesomely talented young man!
Sherrie Reese & Joe Lemay from Burnside Ky.
Sherrie Reese & Joe Lemay, another view
Sherrie, Big D & Joe
Sam Wooden, he picks, therefore he grins!
Sam Wooden (left,) Adam & Fuzzy
Fuzzy & Rich Coffield of the SlagSmiths
What a crew
fuzzy says "Good Nite & Drive Safely"...