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Rennie Neubecker: News & Updates

New stuff coming From The Girls Say Hi & Much, Much more! - March 4, 2019

A lot going on and a stellar year in review coming soon.

More to come - September 1, 2016

Looking for time to completely rearrange this site so bear with me and then more news about my stuff, The Girls Say Hi and LexJam too. Stay tuned Y'all.

See... I told ya so.... :) - July 29, 2016

See. I told ya on the last news post that LexJam would continue to thrive in spite of the closing of Natashas. We had a good long run there but when things ended abruptly we were left wondering where we would go. It has been an amazing ride as we did our "LexJam on Tour" thing for 8 months. The crowds kept getting bigger and LexJam continued to grow. I believe the moving around was the best thing that ever happened. Now we find our home base at the newly relocated,remodeled and reopened "Willies Locally Known".  The food is off the hook. The drinks are spectacular and cold! The first session there on July ninth was the 2nd largest LexJam ever and we look forward to continuing this trend. Our next session is August 13th, 2016 at noon and we are excited in our new semi-permanent home.

 LexJam and the entire staff wish to express our sincerest thanks to SunDowns, The S.E.C. and O'Neills Irish Pub, for the awesome hosting of LexJam while we searched for our new home. You all were so very gracious in welcoming our crew and crowd. We look forward to coming back when we do our LexJam on the road sessions 2-3 times a year.
 Stay tuned as we are putting the wheels in motion for our TENTH Anniversary show in January of 2017. Its gonna be HUGE! See you on the scene.
Your Humble Host,


NATASHA'S CLOSING - November 5, 2015

From the Host 11/02/2015

As most of you are aware by now, Lexingtons preimere listening room and sound stage

Natashas have closed their doors. This news hits the City of Lexington hard and particularly the music community our town so proudly supports. As you can imagine, I have been bombarded with questions about the closing and how this will affect LexJam. Will LexJam fold? Will Lexjam continue? There need not be any worries. LexJam shall continue. LexJam was regularly held at various locations around town for a few years before before finding it's permanent home at Natasha's so we were already well established. With a core group of talent and so many new faces each month, I have all the confidence in the world that LexJam will continue to draw nice crowds and continue its role in the area music scene. Our thriving music community would have it no other way, I believe. Whether you find this statement at the LexJam website,, or on the facebook page, please check back to find out where our next LexJam will be held. I look forward to the challenge of using this occurance to further enhance LexJams impact on the community, the hope's and dreams of many fine musician and to strengthen our our place as the longest running 'open mic' and 'talent showcase' in the region. Please don't hesitate to contact me personally with any ideas or concerns you may have. We will update as news becomes available.

Thank You,

LexJam Host and Emcee,

Rennie Neubecker

As always stay tuned... - September 16, 2015

Hello Everyone, very long time since I have done anything here at the ol website. Thats all about to change.

 Working on getting our home office together and a system in place that allows for better flow and more timley updates here at my website. Heck, I'm paying for it so I should be making better use of it. At first it was fun then the novelity wore off. It became a major chore with HTML and such, long lenghty passwords etc. That made it a PIA and therefore is the reason why its not been updated in so long.  So now I must approach it as a serious outlet for my music as well as updates on LexJam, which is still going strong, and music and news about the "Girls Say Hi" , My duet with Larry Williams. And my upcoming release of Lifes Dusty Road. So as the winter approaches and the office gets done look for more updates.Stay tuned...

LexJam and Hospice - May 5, 2014

Hey everybody. It's coming up this Saturday. The Benifit for Hospice via the LexJam universe. Please make plans to attend. Hospice is in need and we CAN help.


Hospice - April 24, 2014

Stay tuned new coming very soon about the May LexJam and the fact that all proceeds for May will go to benefit 'Hospice of the Bluegrass'. Please make every effort possible to attend LexJam in May. I really want to help out this organization as much as possible! Stay tuned.


The Best Laid Plans.... - April 23, 2014

So once again its been a year since my last update. The sting of death last's long than one might anticipate. Having said that, I keep remembering one of the topics we touched upon at one of our LAMA (Lexington Area Music Alliance) ( meetings. One of the most annoying things musicians do is create a website...get ready for it... And then don't update it in a timely manner. GUILTY! This is an annoying problem and now I understand why. In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, most musicians like myself work more jobs than just music. With a full time job in addition to music, and all the other things going on since my late wife passed, updating a website gets constantly pushed to the back burner for higher priority tasks that come up everyday. Updating websites are time consuming to say the least when dealing with HTML, proofreading, editing, etc. So bear with me as I pledge once again to be more timely in updating my site. I have a lot coming down the pike musically and the record I was telling you all about last year is almost done. I will be letting you know about it's up coming release. LexJam continues to grow and live strong. For this I am blessed also. More soon.
Your Humble Servant,



The Latest - December 15, 2012

Wow. Alot going on right now. We had a huge Music,Mutts & Meows LexJam in November & netted about 250 pounds of canned food & treats for dogs & cats. The Lexington Humane Society was very gracious for our efforts & I'm sure our furry friends at LHS were even happier. December LexJam also proved to be a huge draw and was made even sweeter by the debut of Fred Keam and his hand made native American flute music, it was a treat for all who were blessed enough to be there and Fred promises to be a regular part of LexJam from here on. This is good! This is really good as Fred comes up & falls right in backing our other musicians with his skillful playing as well as his own thing.
 In other news, I am back in the studio at Sneak Attack studio working on my new record after almost a 3 year hiatus. I had to shelve the production when my late wife/best friend, was diagnosed with cancer. I know she wanted me to go on with this record and she told me to "make it a good one", so now I am working to that end. I hope to release it in early May around the first anniversary of her passing. In her honor of course.
 My calendar is slowly starting to get busier, so check out my calendar page & I will be adding more shows as they get booked. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & Now are ready for the rest of the holiday season. with Christmas & New Years upon us. I love each & everyone of you. Keep checking back and I will have more news soon.
  Also please keep the 27 souls lost in the Connecticut shootings in your thoughts & prayers.

Peace & love folks.


LexJam - November 4, 2012

I think were headed for a big LexJam coming up. Stay tuned... And bring your "Canned", dog or cat food. If you bring something for the Lexington Humane Society, you will be entered into the drawing for a 10 watt Esteban "G-10" practice amp. Hey these lil babies are pretty cool.

CHANGES - October 17, 2012

Ok I have fixed my web mail here at the ol site.

Changes are coming. I will be cleaning out the cobwebs here & bringing back updates. these are exciting times for LexJam and hopefully these will be exciting times for me musically as well. I will be back working on my record after a 2 1/2 year hiatus. As you may or may not know, I lost my wife to cancer in May. I also lost my brother and 3 very close people to me in the last 2 years. This made updating and fixing the problems here at the site very difficult if not impossible. Working full time & being a fulltime caregiver to a cancer patient is very demanding, and I feel that I was very blessed just being able to carry out my music duties as far as LexJam is concerned. I am in therapy (grief counseling), at this time and really pray that it helps me to heal. All this being said, I really plan on bringing music back to the forefront in my life, getting this record and another done and keeping you up to date on my music adventures. As well as hilighting the many talented artist's I am blessed to work with. So on that note, Please Stay Tuned. Love you all.


WoW... Been a Loooong time!!! - March 16, 2012

Ok A Lot has happened since I last updated here. I will not try to explain here tonight, BUT. I hope to get this engine running again. Trust me. I can do that. It's my area of expertise.

 So we plan on doing things differently this year & YES!!! The new record is still in the making.Lots more to tell you about soon. Right now... Go CATS. 2012 NCAA Champions!

 and don't forget LexJam!

and for St. Pattys day... Erin go Braless!.


WoW... Been a Loooong time!!! - March 16, 2012

Ok A Lot has happened since I last updated here. I will not try to explain here tonight, BUT. I hope to get this engine running again. Trust me. I can do that. It's my area of expertise.

 So we plan on doing things differently this year & YES!!! The new record is still in the making.Lots more to tell you about soon. Right now... Go CATS. 2012 NCAA Champions!

 and don't forget LexJam!


 Look for new pics & updated site soon.

updates cont. - March 6, 2011

So yea I was gonna talk about Marsh & cancer but I think I summed it perfectly yesterday in like, one sentence. Actually we will talk more about "C" in the coming months & hope to have an event to raise money for gastric cancer.

  The fall was a busy time with chemo for Marsh & trying to get up to see my Brother Ed. Ed was starting to feel I'll,(more than usual), and his liver failed. Failed to see his drive to live forward. It gave up the fight before Ed. A lot of you prolly dont know my brother Ed.  I'm gonna try to get you up to speed in a sentence or two. Ed. Was. Brother,Father,Friend, Uncle, a man with a heart bigger than you could imagine! As evident by those who showed up at his visitation. Ed was a kind soul & kids absolutely loved this man. His children & his grandchildren, know how special it is to have had Ed as a Dad and Grandad. He was also one heck of a,  Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend. If you were to know my brother Ed, you would agree that knowing him meant something. Your life was touched in a special way, merely by having contact with this man.

 I was at his side when he crossed over. He talks to me a lot these days. But you can see now, it was travel, and a lot of heartache. I sang one last song for Ed, I sang, "Lifes Dusty Road", at his service. I really had a hard time thinking I couldn't sing for him any more. Oh & did I mention my wife endured all this with me. I can't imagine being on chemo & traveling on the road. However. I,,, am truly blessed to have a wife that is so tough, yet remains soo pretty. I always joke with her that she had "pretty" down all by herself, But I helped,(just a little), make her tough!

 So you can see here how all this ties in with the music.  If I have been a bit behind updating my website, if I'm a bit late getting out the invites & promo's for LexJam, If I'm a few minutes late sometime's for set up Please forgive me. I have had a few distractions lately. BUT!!! IT is time to start focusing forward, so ure next up date might start looking more positive.

I've been thinking how much I need to keep this site updated, but the things that occurred in "2010", did command my attention a tad more than a silly website..Right? So now you know what the last 3rd of "2010" brought. We are on our way to recovery & are ready to tackle a new year of chemo, music & life. Yeah Marsh & Ren, will rock another day.

We will start looking at the immediate & future, on the next update. After this site is about the music. We have exciting news about LexJam,, & L.A.M.A. (Lexington Area Music Alliance), is gaining serious traction & Is starting, I Think, to already have a positive impact on the Lexington area music scene. Less than 7ven days til LexJam, for March 2011. Your mouth waters for the food & your ears water for the music at NATASHAS. Yum much?




updates - March 5, 2011

Ok. Yea I know. Its been a long time. Since we last talked here, a lot has happened. As stated in the last (real) update,the Almira benefit went well. and we'll talk a bit about that & a lot more over the next few updates.. Chemo for Marsh has its ups & downs, but she has a mighty positive attitude & deals with everything that the cancer throws at her.  LexJam has continued on and we have a lot of ground to cover in that respect also. I lost my Brother in November.  Dealing with that has been kinda tough. It is comforting to know, though, just how many lives he touched in a positive way. Well talk about LAMA too. The Lexington Area Music Alliance.

 A LOT has gone on in the last several months, and soon we will unfold the story.

First let's not forget NEXT Saturday is LexJam at Natashas. 11:00am until 3:ish.

Speaking of LexJam, we are really solidifying into a respected part of the performing arts community. So on that note you might see LexJam get a tad more organized, as we now have a proven solid group of ladies & gentlemen that have their heart in to the mission of LexJam. Like minded people working to bring you the best in music, and provide an open venue for those who choose to further their music.This provides an awesome opportunity for Musicians & people who just like to listen to live music to interface in a common atmosphere. Ok more to come soon.

Have a great weekend kiddies.



Yea! Its been THAT long! - December 26, 2010

Ill have a new post for ya soon folks. Gonna be a long one to get caught up.



WOW - August 6, 2010

Wow. So much great music this week. Just makes me want more.
Monday night @ Natashas, my friend Tony Doolin had the party celebrating his radio show "Americana Carnival" going into national syndication. That's HUGE!
Congrats to Tony & soon you all will be able to here this awesome show full of good ol country twang & Americana music. In our area (Lex.Ky), you can imbibe in this delicious drink @ 91.3 WUKY FM @ 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon.
And speaking of Americana music don't forget to tune in to WRFL 88.1 on Sunday for the Hot Burrito Show, for even more!
Tony had Hankering for Hank a Hank Sr. tribute band that was "dead on " ol Mr. Williams. I mean if you weren't watching them you would think it was Hank Sr. himself. No really, ask anyone who was there.
The next night found half the town (OK not really but should'a been)@ the fabulous
Kentucky Theater for the Almira Fawn benefit concert. A huge lineup of more awesome talent than you could shake a stick at. Thanks to David McLean (Almiras guitar teacher), Tom Martin & Michael Jonathan for coordinating their efforts to bring the town such a fine evening. It was great to see all the kids (I mean extremely talented kids, Almiras friends & lesson mates, display their abilities. A lot of these musicians come to LexJam II Unplugged & its always a treat to listen to them play their original music. 11 & 12 year olds writing & performing songs on an adult level. Yes, they ARE that talented. I consider myself to be very blessed that I get to work with these guys fairly regularly. $4200.00 was raised & more on the way as the replica of Almiras "cigar box guitar" is up for auction. This fine instrument was built by my good friend Eric Hutchens. Eric is a luthier based out of Winchester Ky. Eric has worked on my guitars, so you know he's good. I wouldn't just let anyobody work on them.
This Sunday we have yet another concert coming up for Almira. This will be LexRock 2010, Music for Almira @ Busters. You can learn more @
I'll have more after the show & maybe some pics.
Gotta run for now,


So much to talk about - July 29, 2010

Man, theres so much to talk about but so little time at the moment. About 1/2 way through the bath remodel & its takin its toll on me, my time & my practice time. Gotta get it done, gotta get it done, gotta get it......

We have 2 big fund raiser concerts coming up for Almira Fawn, who you know, her mom,Umi, was murdered in June.August 3rd at the KY Theater & August 8th at Busters. Go to my calender to learn more about these 2 events that will raise money for Almira's continuing education. As mentioned before I knew Umi personally & this was & remains a heart wrenching ordeal for myself & those who knew her. I enjoyed my time working with Almira on stage as well as some practice & brainstorming sessions.

 The chemo seems to be working for my wifes cancer, but she is not out of the woods just yet.

 I wanna tell you that our July 3rd LexJam II Unplugged was as always a great event & a lot of fun & even saw the return of D.J. Crowe for a few songs. Nice crowd, Diverse crowd. There will be pics posted at the LexJam website as soon as I get them over to Mark.

will soon have a date for that late summer "Jamily Reunion" at Goshins Tavern, so I'll keep you posted on that as soon as the date is etched in stone.

This Monday night, my friend Tony Doolin of the "Americana Carnival" will be at Natashas to celebrate the fact that the Americana Carnival" is now syndicated. Thats just cool stuff & I want to try to help him add a few radio stations to his list. Hankerin for Hank will be playing from 9:00pm til 1:00am. They are (as the name might hint), a Hank Sr. cover band.

 Like I said so much to talk about, thats why I just briefly touched on some of the bigger things going on in the very near future & I'll update as time permits. Pleas wish me luck on gatting this bath project done & hope to see you soon.

Gotta Run,



UPDATE early summer 2010 part 3 - June 25, 2010

  Now to wrap it up. Sometimes it's hard to keep your thinking cap on straight. You might be preoccupied, busy,multitasking,distracted,sidetracked,interrupted, or all of the above. When you are setting up equipment,Tweaking sound, rotating artists,thinking about your next set, taking pictures, greeting people, schmoozing & directing, you might not have said thinking cap on properly. There are a lot of things that are going through my mind when I host LexJam II Unplugged. All those I just mentioned & maybe one or two more I have forgot. So you are likely wondering where I'm going with this. Well, its leading up to an important apology. During all this activity on Saturday I failed epically in recognizing something I was supposed to do. No it's not one of those things I was told to do, rather it was something that should have naturally occurred to me.

 Tammy McKinley handed a paper to me with the thoughts of her husband Mark, on the recent death of Umi Southworth. These were a few kind words on Mark's personal thought's on Umi & Almira & how they tied into this particular LexJam II session. Why did I not read it right then & there is beyond me. I should have read it while I was in front of the microphone but I didn't. Shame on me for sure. So here is where I want to give my heartfelt apology to Tammy & Mark both. I truly am sorry I did not read this to the people assembled in the food court. My being distracted is no excuse. I should have adjusted that thinking cap I mentioned earlier. I will now post Mark's words here & Mark my friend you should post it at the LexJam site too. This is what Mark had to say:

*In Memory*

  "Almira Fawn stole my heart the first time I heard her perform. That was nearly two years ago. I was amazed by this little girl with such an outgoing personality and so much talent. Almira puts so much into her music and songwriting-she's a natural. Almira draws inspiration from everything around her. She can turn an extremely ordinary, everyday event, into a lyrical composition that puts a grin on your face And make you feel good. She can also write a song that will make you think much deeper about a situation. I mention these things because Almira had a great support system behind her that gently guided her and looked out after her best interests. Umi Southworth was that wonderful support system - she loved her daughter and wanted only the best for Almira.

 I never had the opportunity to really know Umi Southworth. I had met Umi at a LexJam session a couple of years ago. She sat quietly on the sidelines while Almira performed - I spoke to her after the show. Several months later, I met Umi Southworth again at a WoodSongs show. A beautiful smile covered Umi's face as she turned toward Almira and said that's the photographer at LexJam! I smiled and thought to, I'm just another huge fan of Almira!!!

 Umi Southworths daughter immediately stole our hearts, and those who knew Umi considered her a dear friend. Last week out hearts were shattered when we heard the news of Umi Southworth's death. We must now seek comfort for our troubled hearts - one place comfort can be found is in the knowledge that Umi Southworth's spirit will live on through Almira and her friends.

 This is what today's very special LexJam is all about - lifting up Umi' Southworth's spirit and honoring this special person that enriched our lives and our community. We also express our support to Almira by being here to honor her mother. Almira will need her friends now more than ever before.

 Today is a celebration in music...let your music and words soar through the clouds in sweet refrain...may your notes & voices surrond Umi Southworth."

Mark McKinley

 Well said Mark. Kind words from a kind person. So there you have it. Please be sure to check out my photo gallery as I have posted some pics of Saturday her. To see some even better shots of Saturdays performances please visit the LexJam website. Tammy took the pics at this session & I believe Mark did the editing & posting.

 Look around my site and see all the things I have updated.

 The next LexJam II is next Saturday for "Red, White & Boom". Hope to see yo there. Keep checking back to see whats going on with me or the many musicians I work with.

 Till next time keep picking & don't forget to feed & water your banjo player.



UPDATE early summer 2010 part 2 - June 24, 2010

Ok I left off yesterday talking about UMI SOUTHWORTH & I believe I have covered that subject enough 'cept to say, There are other (somewhat)disturbing facets to this story that I won't go into here and if anything, Umi's death has brought change to the way our police & first responders handle these type of cases in the future. They now have to call Fire and/or EMT immediately in such cases.
on to some lighter news (sorta) The June edition of LexJam II Unplugged, was held in memory of Umi Southworth & we had a lot of fine musicians come out to play & half of these were Almira's friends & lesson mates. Tammy McKinley took an incredible bunch of nice pictures & Her & hubby Mark worked hard getting them posted to the LexJam website in short fashion. We also made the news Saturday evening & I want to personally extend a thank you to Janice Park of WLEX18 for covering this event in honor of Umi & bringing a little bit of awareness to LexJam II Unplugged.We had a nice turn out of musicians for this special edition of LexJam II, including a lot of Almira's lesson mates. I just really gotta say that David McLean & Paul Felice know how to bring out the talent in the young people & with teachers like these two, the future of music is safe & sound. As always, thanks guys for sending your students my way. Having said that, I think this is a good opportunity to tell you all who came out to play:
Serena Hutchens
Julia Knight
Slade Warnken
Stephen Weller
Dick & Shirley Hudson
Brian Powers
John Forgy
David Harrod
Steve "Fuzzy" Knopka
Kellett Babb & her friend Joyce
Oh, and of course yours truly.
A dozen musicians makes for a fine afternoon of great music. I thank each & every one of you for you part in continuing to make LexJam II a successful endeavor. Something that was really cool that afternoon was having Serena play violin to back up Joyce & Kellett on their version of Amazing Grace. Priceless! Also, to see the looks on the faces of the unwary folks making their way through the food court area, when they see kids like Julia & Slade just totally rockin it. Especially when ther doing their original material. Again, priceless stuff.
I also want to thank Steve Kelly & Central Bank for allowing us to be an official drop off point for the "Umi Southworth Memorial Educational Fund". With a late donation on Monday in the name of LexJam II, we collected just shy of $300.00 for this cause. PLEASE remember that ANY location of CENTRAL BANK, will accept donations to this fund. Please give generously.
Also a shout out to the following for supporting LexJam II Unplugged & Live music in general:
Goshins Tavern 1801 Alexandria Dr. Best cheeseburger on the west side of Lexington.
WUKY 93.1 FM Catch the Americana Carnival on Saturdays @ 4:00 pm.
Michael Jonathan of Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour for his support of this special edition of LexJam II Unplugged.
The Lexington Center for having us & the great crew that do so much to help us.
The Doo Wop shop, for letting us put up posters & otherwise supporting us.
The Meadowthorp Neighborhood Asso. For the Candle light vigil for Umi.
WRFL 88.1 FM for the plugs and all the awesome programming. And! DID you hear/ WRFL is now broadcasting at a full 7900 watts up from 250 watts. Now all you good folks in surrounding towns can pick it up "all the way to the left on your radio dial. Of course of your out of range you can still get it via the web.
And last, but in no way least, Graddy Johnson & HillBilly Graphics for the awesome poster to use as a backdrop for the occasion.Someday this poster will go to Almira.
So there it was. A great afternoon, great music & a great tribute to Umi Southworth. But wait....Theres more & that will come tomorrow as I apologize to someone about something I overlooked on Saturday & other morsels in 'part 3" tomorrow.

Peace out for now,

(to be cont.)

UPDATE early summer 2010 part 1 - June 23, 2010

Well its been just a lil while since I last updated the news page and after my last post, you know why. So I'll start off by saying that The chemo I talked about in the last update seems to be working. That's the news we received from the Dr. last week & this was very welcome news indeed.
A lot of things have been going on this spring as you know. I am still in a holding pattern on my record and will probably wait til early fall to get back into the studio. Of course this depends on how my wife continues with cancer treatment, but should be able to sneak some recording in here & there. This has given me opportunity to write new stuff & really tweak some of the older stuff that is going on this record. So maybe that thing about silver linings & clouds, is right after all.
The MAY 22nd session was a nice comfy session held outside in really nice weather. We heralded the return of Dick Hudson, one of our charter members, who with his wife Shirley helped get this whole Acoustic version of LexJam of the ground some three odd years ago. We almost lost Grover's attendance that day due to a parking snafu up in the main lot. The guard didn't know that LexJammers park free. We were able to fix it in time to have Grover come back & join us. Of course not until he went home & mowed his yard. See there is that silver lining thing again. This time it worked in Grovers favor. Grover has his new racord out now called WALLS & DOORS, and I think you will really like it. I do. You can sample (then) buy this Cd at his website You can find the Just Me CD there too. And Grover has put some of his Live unedited recordings up for your enjoyment. Stop by and say Hi to Grover on his guest book.
The pics from the May session are posted at the LexJam website. Be sure to tell the site administrators at the LexJam site you LOVE their work.
Between the May & June LexJam II Unplugged sessions, we had a very unfortunate turn of events in the accelerating career of Almira Fawn.
Almiras mother UMI was found in the fence row behind their apartment badly beaten & given up for dead. To add insult to injury the local police just figured she was dead & left her lay there for 5 hours. The coroner wasn't called for several hours, then even HE didn't decide to check her for another 2 hours. When he DID check her he determined she was still alive! Now who knows maybe she would have made it, maybe not. BUT! The first thing you would think a first responder would do would be to check for vitals, or call in the EMT's & let them decide. The thing that really pi**ed me off over the whole thing was when the officer said on the news camera that (and I quote), "Its not our job to determine if some one is dead or alive". What a bunch of B.S. Seems like they DID make that determination by assuming she was dead & leaving her there for 5 hours.
Now I know there are some who say,"well she was already probably brain dead, so it wouldn't have made a difference anyway.BUT, whose to say. You hear all the time about people who should have been way past dead, but some how made a miraculous recovery & lived on to tell their story.
Anyway this was a painful ordeal for a lot of people who knew Umi, and she will be missed. There was a candle light vigil held the following week in the feild behind where she was found & 250-300 people attended. Its was a sad occasion, but I'm glad I was able to address the crowd for a few minutes & share some of my memories of this young lady & her daughter. Rest In Peace Umi, "We barely knew ye".
(to be continued)

The News May 3rd,2010 - May 3, 2010

Ok. I know people have been wondering besides LexJam II Unplugged, where I have been hiding. Did I start my next record, etc. Well yes I did start my next record did some recording in November & again in January,BUT. My wife was having some problems & not feeling well throughout the fall & winter, and began losing a lot of weight. After many tests & a lot of Dr. visits, we found out in April that she has cancer. A rare form of gastric cancer called Linitis Plastica. This is an aggressive cancer & it sux!
she will start chemo very soon & we have vowed to beat this thing. These events of course have changed my recording schedule & I will record & track the other musicians as I can schedule it all depending on how the chemotherapy pans out. So this will once again delay the release of the upcoming CD, but it WILL happen at some point. I will try to keep you informed & updated as things progress throughout the spring & summer.
I have all intentions of running LexJam II Unplugged on a normal schedule & hope to get as much support & attendance as possible to further enhance the live music opportunity & experience in Lexington. My live gigs may be scarce for the time being but I believe you will all understand. All thoughts & prayers are welcomed & encouraged.

Tammy & Mark McKinley have posted the pics from the April session of LJ II Unp, and I wanna thank Tammy for the awesome job getting quality pictures. I have requested curtains for the sides of the stage & our good friend Caroline Puterbaugh has obliged us. I think this has definitely helped with sound (transient highs are a bear in Lexington Center), & I know by looking at the pics from April they help with a more professional look as far as the photos are concerned. So please go to & check out the latest pics & other news.
Coming up this Saturday May 8th, is LexJam I at Natashas. Go down & check it out.

Please remember That our good friend Mylinda Dockery is implementing a new program at The Music Institute of Lexington known as the Garage Band Course. Both forms of LexJam will be used for live performance locations for musicians enrolled in this course. The live performance parts of this course will place you in the proper LexJam session, depending on your style of music. This is a mentoring program as well as channel for those in bands that want to take their craft to the next level. Both LexJam's are also an excellent place to hook up with other musicians. So if you have your band partially started but need something to round it out (Guitarists, percussionists, bassplayers, keyboards, etc., then this is a good place to look. Enrollment forms will also be available at each form of LexJam and can be found at the LexJam website & all the information for this and other music courses can be found at

This Months edition of LexJam II Unplugged will be held on MAY 22nd.
1to 5pm @ Lexington Center
I'll stop here but try to keep the updates coming in a timely fashion. I wanna give my opinion on the Tascam DR-07 I bought and how good this lil guy works. So I'll save that for the next time.


FINALLY! 2010 LexJam II Unplugged Goodness - February 28, 2010

Man Oh man. We now are into our third (can ya believe it) year of LexJam II Unplugged herein after referred to as LJ II Unp.,and it is wonderful to report that we had the best season opener yet. Yea I know its only our Third (did I say that already) season. but the number of musicians was outstanding. Normally The February LJ II Unp. will net 3-5 musicians including your humble host, but this year we had like a dozen or so. I don't know but I think sometimes I might be one of the luckiest people alive. I get to hear a lot of great music every month that most people wont get a chance to hear, unless of course they come down to LJ II Unp. Now, yes, You can hear a lot of these musicians out on the town, which is a good thing because that means you are supporting live music, but I'm talking on a larger scale, a larger audience. I get to hear all these musicians playing their original music, and it just keeps getting better. There are so many indie artists out there and some of the finest make it to LJ II Unp. Unfortunately there are a few people out there that still don’t get it. Fear of the unknown I guess.
For example, I have a buddy that always says ,"hey cant we hear some "Dust in the Wind'? And I say,"yes we can & most likely will, but why"? Yes we'll hear some cover tunes, and I'm in no way bashing Kansas, or any other mainstream artists', I like Kansas, but you can turn on any classic rock radio station & hear "Dust in the Wind', etc. I keep trying to impress on my friend that there is Soooo much good music out there,(that can't be heard on mainstream radio, just yet),just as good as the ol "Dust in the Wind', some even better, that you are cheating yourself by not looking for the indie & singer/songwriter stuff that is out there. And that is one of the main points of LJ II Unp. to bring you really good kickin tunes that you might not hear anywhere else. I say "might not", 'cause we all [as artists] hope to get some air time somewhere. And if you pay attention you just might here it out there somewhere. I know I get a charge when I hear something I've written on the airwaves. So yes, you will hear a balance of mainstream acoustic music but you will also hear some really good original stuff and the only place to get such a variety is at one of the LexJam sessions. Or on WRFL 88.1 FM. But I digress.
SO what do we have to report about on such a neat event?
We will start with the all important kudos to the folks who do so much to help produce LJ II Unplugged. In the order they fell in of course. First off Grover Mollineaux and Steve Knopka, AKA FUZZY. Thanks for the help getting set up & especially your ears in getting the sound tweaked in as we know it a challenge getting the board set in the environs of Lexington Center. Also want to give a big thanks to Steve (again), & Rich Coffield for all the help doing tear down. Its a big job for one person but only takes 'bout a half hour when you have three guys doing it. Good job men.
Ok, now instead of trying to break down every set every musician played, I will let you know who they were & say a few kind words about them. Not to mention the fact that I have been trying to get this update done for 2 1/2 weeks now, 5 or 6 sentences a day!
First we will start off with Grover. Grover always brings a lot of original easy listening music to our stage & has 1 CD out (Just Me)& working on the 2nd. Everybody loves Grover & you can find more @
Of course Fuzzy, was there to back EVERYBODY up with his skillful harp playing. We always encourage Fuzzy to join us and look forward to seeing him pop up in various music venues around town.
Ok as has been the pattern Donovan "Big D" Howard showed up for the first LJ II UNP of the year to play some of his original country/folksy/gospely songs, cover a few tunes & back up our next to be mentioned guests. We hope to see more of Big D this year & anticipate his return.
At the urging of Big "D", we also had Mr. Joe Lemay & Sherri Reese Jump on board. Joe & Sherri came all the way from Burnside Ky,armed with guitar & banjo. They treated us to some of their original bluegrass & gospel music as well as some traditional tunes. Joe & Sherri, have a record out called,"Cumberland Rose'. I have been listening to this CD and really get a laugh every time I listen to "Make Them Chickens Fly",and they have a stamp certifying that "No chickens were injured during the recording of this CD". Priceless! We also hope to have Joe & Sherri grace the LexJam II stage again. It was also nice to have some of the bluegrass music back in the line up considering that Bluegrass was a huge part of getting LexJam II off the ground in the beginning & that it has been a bit scarce lately.
Next up we had our young musician of the month in Mr. Slade Warnken. Slade is 12 years old & played 2 songs for us. 2 original songs I might add. Slade absolutely kicked it on the guitar & vocals. This young man has an extraordinary vocal range & his guitar skills are beyond most his age. I facebooked his guitar teacher Paul Felice to thank him & David McLean for sending this type of talent our way & his words were, and I quote "That kid is a MONSTER on stage, and his dad's no slouch, either". I hope to get his dad Travis(I believe), to join us at one of these LJ II UNP's. Travis, Slade, Please come back! Special note to David & Paul: Please keep sending this kind of talent our way.
Also making a reappearance to the LJ II stage was Mr. Sam Wooden. Sam is a killer country singer & can cover just about anyone in country music, but really wows the crowd with his original country music. Sam's songwriting prowess & guitar playing, coupled with his POWERFUL voice commands attention wherever he plays & now has a full band known as the Urbane Gentlemen. ANY chance you get to hear these guys will be an evening well spent. I promise. Really, check them out, you'll thank me. Also want to thank Adam, Sam's lead guitar player for coming out to jump in with Sam & bless my Martin' by virtue of using it.
Ok last but in NO way leastRich Coffield was on board to engage us with a set or two, of his covers and an original or two. Rich is always a welcome guest in any lineup. What, with his guitar playing skills and all. This young man adds a distinguishable element anywhere he plays.
So here it was. The first installment of LexJam II Unplugged, for 2010. And what a grand time it was. I'll wrap up this summery & finally get it posted.
Mark McKinley has the pictures posted at the LexJam website, so be sure to check them out & I will have some posted here soon. I'll also have more news soon. And fill you in on some of the things going on between the forces of dark & light that shape my world. Til then & as always...


P.S. As of this posting, we are still searching for a March venue.

UPDATE - February 25, 2010

Ok I really am almost finished with the Season opener of LexJam II Unplugged report. I will also explain why this one is so late. Please bear with me. I'm still here.


Ren, Where ya been? - January 28, 2010

We'll get to that, but for now. I'll be shootin some e-mails your way. More importantly we have the start of our 3rd year of LexJam II Unplugged coming up quickly. February 6th, as a matter of fact. So lets all make this one the biggest year yet. Hey, this year should bring opportunities to many local musicians, with the Equestrian Games' coming up. See ya down town if I don't talk to ya sooner.


P.S. Stay tuned here for the next week for updates on LexJam II Unplugged!!!
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