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Rennie Neubecker: Links

The Music Institute of Lexington

The Music Institute of Lexington, is a first class learning institution with a wide variety of programs from voice to guitar, to piano, etc. Check out all the cool programs Mylinda Dockery & her staff have to offer. An awesome place to enroll your children for top notch music instruction.

CD Baby
The biggest online site to buy CD's from independant artists, run by great people and providing the best opportunity, for the general public to try out new music.
Almira Fawn
An extremely talented young singer / songwriter. Almira has her 1st CD out & is wooing audiences all over the Eastern United States. I have had the pleasure of playing with this young lady on several occasions and always look forward to the next chance. One cannot overemphasize her talent!
WRFL 88.1
You will here some of my songs here on occasion. You can find some of the absolute best radio programming (especially on the weekends) that can be found in the Lexington Ky market. You can also listen anywhere in the world via the web. "Raise the Tower, Boost the Power". Please help to raise the power from 250 watts to 7900 watts. Central Ky. deserves this kind of radio!!!
A monthly gathering of professional & musicians of all skill levels from wherever they may come from. Ran by Mr. Tom Martin & crew. If your in town its a absolute must visit. at ArtsPlace 161 N. Mill St. Check out their web site for dates, pics, & news. NOW also check out LexJam II Unplugged @ the LexJam website
Marks Online Music Source
Mark McKinley is a web designer, graphics designer, photographer. Lets just say a multi talented artist. He & wife Tammy, are responsible for the LexJam website & all the pictures you see there. MOGS website is full of artistic expression,from music & graphics to written word, You name it. There, you will also find amazing photo galleries, writing & resources, to numerous to mention here. Go...Get along and check it out.
Tom Cool of course
Tom Is a well known musician in KY.and elsewhere. He has a long history & has worked with many nationally known musicians, and even used to open for Bruce Springsteen in Bruce's "Steel Mill" years. I'll let Tom speak for himself.
Ken Holbrook
Ken has his site back up & he is one of the premier music teachers & performers in the region. Check out his site. I also recommend him for studio work & lessons.
Carla Van Hoose
Carla is a Folk/Americana musician in the area. You can find her at various locations throughout the area. She has a beautiful voice and plays guitar. Look at her calender & check her out when you can. She'll be playing soon @ a venue near you.
The Dirty Thirty by Richard W. Hudson A memoir, Vietnam Service 1969-1970. Follow 'Mouse' Hudson as he runs the gamut of experiances both hilarious and harrowing in the jungles of South Vietnam. (printed with permission form R. Hudson). Look back in my updates & you will find my take on Dick "Mouse'" Hudsons book. I had to read it twice. No I'm not a loner with nothin better to do, its just that good!!! Go to the home page, click on the "Book Store" tab & just type in Dicks full name or the name of the book in the search bar. (Like you guys couldn't figure that out...)
Lexair inc
I know these guys. A premier Valve & Machine Tool Accessory manufacturer in the area.
Home of the Lexington Area Music Alliance (LAMA). We are a group of musicians, business owners and civic leaders devoted to the idea that music and the arts can not just survive, but thrive in a city such as Lexington Ky. We believe that we can all work together for a stronger music scene, and we are committed toward making a better Lexington for those ends. Yes Rennie is a member.